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web design Louise Brody / lbd

translation Zahia Hafs


all those involved, one way or another, with the photos seen here, at; 

Madame Figaro France, Conde Nast Traveller UK, Marie Claire France, Têtu France, Mixte France, The Financial Times UK, The Economist UK, Conde Nast Japan, Magazine House Japan, S Moda El Pais Spain.


Nicoletta Santoro, Rosenda Arcioni Meer, Jan Meer and all at Kamalan, Kasumiko Murakami, Hitoshi Okamoto, Zahia Hafs, Mako Yamazaki, Akira & Emiko Onozucca, Caroline Metcalfe, Louise Brody & Charles Poisay, Zahia Hafs, Bénoit Duchâteau-Arminjon, Elsie Herberstein, Damien Chavanat, Anne Mauve, Naeko Ohta, Hiroshi Nakayama, Yves Taralon, Tomer Lanzman, Yves Cohen, Anthony van den Bossche, Thomas Pey, Ulrike Haussen and all at akg-france, Helen Hill, Textuel La Mine, Michel de Grèce, les Éditions Plon, Claude Hénard aux éditions du Seuil, Didier & Marie-Claude Millet and les Éditions du Pacifique, Jalan, Magali Nourissat, Kelly Luchford and Michel Renaud.


Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Sir Paul Smith, Mel Smith, Craig Smith, mum & dad and all those in the smith & proud project, Adeline André, Nikki Gemmell, Dominique Rolin, James Brown, Robert Dessaix, Patrice Leconte, Arturo Brachetti, Daniel De’Angeli, Ronald Searle, Jean Yanne and Willy Ronis for accepting to sit for me.


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